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526341_10151206353998336_699303855_nMy name is Amanda Turner. I’m English born, bred and educated, but live and work between England and Los Angeles, California, where I have my own company Pint Size Art LLC, a small design house specializing in the kids’ entertainment industry.

This blog however, has nothing to do with my day job, rather my daily pursuit for happiness and enlightenment. I’m no official guru or expert of such things, but a life time of experience has taught me that no one really is. So my blog is just me, talking about life, Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, philosophy, health and other such things that interest me, and hopefully you too. For a couple of years, I stopped blogging here as I was asked to write for Sivana Spirit blog. I enjoyed doing this, but decided to come back to my own sounding board once again, to write more diverse posts that more fully cover the scope of subjects I am interested in.

Despite claiming no expertise in finding enlightenment, I do have an accomplished history in health and fitness, (summarized below in my mini CV) which I use here to write about subjects like food, yoga, exercise etc. You can find me listed with these organisations. Click each one to view my credentials and profile:

Certified by ACE


Zumba Logo_PrimaryYALogo


But I’m also going to write about my quest to find inner knowledge and wisdom, happiness and contentment. I don’t subscribe to a religion or doctrine of any kind myself, but do study, research and like to experience ideologies from many cultures in my quest to understand the universe and my being.

I am also a cancer survivor. It’s something I don’t talked about much, but that I feel a duty to discuss in my blog from time to time to help others experiencing cancer or dealing with a loved one with a diagnosis. It wasn’t really until I was diagnosed with cancer that I took a step back from my stressful and completely packed life to ask myself what I was doing and why I was doing it. I ate meat, worked out regularly, pushed myself work wise, didn’t pay attention too much to alternative food theories, alternative medicine and other ‘new age’ stuff. Until cancer stopped me in my tracks. It forced me to stop and look at everything that had poisoned my body, clouded my mind, and kept me from finding contentment inside. It was my diagnosis, and subsequent quest for knowledge and answers that led me to becoming a vegan, finding balance with work and play, learning to meditate and discovering the depths of Yoga. I go between vegan and pescatarian now, as I travel a lot and a vegan or raw diet can be rather challenging and no fun at times.

Again, I don’t have all the answers, I don’t really think anyone does. But by writing my findings and experiences, I hope to get a little closer to finding them, and hope that my words help you too.

If you know me, you know I don’t sugar coat my comments, and don’t subscribe to anything without some kind of evidence to support it. I do have a healthy curiosity for ancient arts and sciences that I believe need deeper research in order to uncover thousands of years of lost wisdom. I also subscribe to modern science, though I do have a very big distaste for the pharmaceutical industry and current cancer treatments supported by insurance and the government, from my own experience. These are subjects I will discuss in this blog too.

I welcome healthy, respectful comments, questions and debate on my posts, along with further links and information should you wish to join the conversation. But please, do remember, I am but one voice, this is MY personal sounding board and you may not agree with me. That’s OK. If you can’t say something productive though, move on, or write your own blog.



My eclectic CV:

Note: This CV is a mini chronological list of what I’ve been doing with my life. My experience and credentials jump between my loves of performing, fitness and art. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to get to work in all three fields successfully. Check out my company site for more on my design/art work.

Pre- 1993

Elite squad gymast, Regional Squad member, Regional BAGA medalist, County Champion, Choreographer and Coach, Newmarket Gym Club.

Dancer, BBC TV Hanger 17, Bodywork Dance Co.

Fransesca, West Side Story, Cambs, Fesitval, Cambridge Corn Exchange.

Kickboxer with junior competitive titles.

Assistant coach for Cambridge Freestyle Korean Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Club.

Grade 8 Pianoforte. The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London, UK

A-Levels: Art, Art history, English, Biology – Long Road, Cambridge. UK.


Awarded Scholarship Bodywork Co. Dance Studios full time performing arts Diploma.

Royal Society of Arts & London Central YMCA certified fitness instructor

LC YMCA Circuit training specialist

LC YMCA Step Aerobics specialist

Jasmine, Aladdin, ADC Theatre, Cambs.

Kim, Miss Saigon, Mumford Theatre, Cambs.

Backing Dancer, Diane Youdale music video and summer live tour, UK.


Lucy, Threepenny Opera, Kings Theatre, Cambs.

Epinine, Les Miserables, Mumford Theatre, Cambs.

Acrobat/Dancer, Chinese Circus, Operating from the Circus Space, London.

Lead Singer, Midnite Band, Touring UK.

Personal Trainer Certified, American Council on Exercise

Taught fitness in Suffolk clubs: Brandon Leisure Centre, Littleport Leisure Centre, Village halls and private lessons.


Gymnastics Coach, Bart Conners Gymnastics Academy, Norman, OK (home of Olympic legends Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conners)

Team 4 Gymnastics Coach, Dynamo Academy, Edmund OK. (club of Steve Nuno and the Magnificant Seven’s most decorated Olympic Champion in history Shannon Miller.)

Taught fitness across OK clubs: YMCA Edmund, Norman, OK City downtown, private clubs and private lessons.

FISAA World Aerobics Championships Silver Medalist, Miami, FL

Speciality training in: Schwinn Spinning, Aerobic Kickboxing, Aqua Exercise (AEA), Arthritis Foundation Exercise, Active Older Adult Exercise, Reebok Walk, Nutrition Specialist.

Trained in Tae Kwan Do, Kung  Fu and Kendo.

American Red Cross Life Guard and Head Life Guard Certified.


AAA South West Doubles Sports Aerobics Champion

AAA South West Individuals Sports Aerobics Medalist

Weight Management Consultant Certified – American Council on Exercise

Developed and ran the Oklahoma Community College Tiny Tots Gymnastics Program.


Model & Sponsored Professional Athlete, promoting Aerobic Kick Boxing – Century Martial Arts Equipment.

NAC Sports Aerobics California Open Doubles Silver Medalist

Fitness Instructor certified – American Council on Exercise

Developed and taught the American Aerobics Association’s teacher training courses for Aerobic Kickboxing Instructors and Indoor Cycling Class Instructors.


Begun Tai Chi training, UK


BA Hons Art & Design with Animation/Film specialty, Suffolk College, UK. Valedictorian.

Tim Taylor Award winner for animated short film.


MA Degree with Distinction – Computer Animation, Bournemouth University, NCCA, UK


Operations Manager and Personal Trainer – Bally Total Fitness, South Bay, CA

Certified Personal Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certified Allegro Pilates Reformer Instructor


Fitness Director & Crunch Teacher Training Assistant – Bally Total Fitness, South Bay, CA


Founded Pint Size Art LLC – my design company, still my full time source of income and creativity.

Head Judge –  AAA Aerobics Championships & Ms. Fitness USA Qualifiers.


Singer/Songwriter – performed at Sunset Blvd clubs in Hollywood – at The Key Club, Paladinos, Ghengis Cohens, Universal City Bar, The Whiskey, and many others.

Performed with Fallout, opening for Peter Frampton, La Brea Festival.

Special Guest of Rob Schrok (Burt Bacharach’s producer), performing original songs.

Singer/songwriter – in the funk rock band Smack.

Lead singer – Smooth Operator – performing in South Bay beach cities venues including the famous Lighthouse, Hermosa Beach, CA.

Guitarist & backing singer – Multiple acts, Hollywood, CA, USA


Tai Chi, Dao Yin, Shing Yee and Kung Fu training, CA

Feature vocalist/songwriter/pianist – Dre Ghost & Big Boob tracks.

Feature vocalist/songwriter – Lucky Leo’s debut album


Started training in Yoga at People’s Yoga, San Pedro, CA.

Founded Art Activate.

Voice over artist – Bleeding Edge LLC, CA. Animated comic book.


Lead singer – FENA, South Bay, CA

Lead singer – The Mellow Tones, South Bay, CA

Guest vocalist – The Topics, San Pedro, CA – Music By The Sea, and other high profile events.

Contracted songwriter, pianist, guitarist – for digital apps and video background music.


Voice over artist – for PSA LLC, on commercials, instructions videos and educational courses.

Kickboxing & acrobatics trainer –  Kung Fu dojo, Gardena, CA.


RABT core dancer – San Pedro, CA

Zumba Teacher Certified.


TRX Certified Specialist

Acro coach & choreographer – Fame Dance academy, Wellington, FL

Writer for SivanaSpirit blog.

Private Tai Chi instructor.

Launched Art Activate.


RT200 Yoga Instructor Certified. Sampoorna Yoga.

Tai Chi instructor – Foley House & Tesco Community Room, Nkt, UK.

Art Director – Frigid Fish LLC.


Vipassana 10 day course completed.

Yoga & Tai Chi Instructor – Private Lessons.