Teachings from the Dalai Lama

His Holiness the Dalai Lama talked to Ann Curry on NBC the other day. Check it out.

I learned something of course!

I’ve been feeling very dejected about the general state of human kind recently. I’ve been sad that so many people are ready to fight, kill and show aggression towards each other with so little stimulus. Not just between countries at war, but between fellow citizens, neighbors, children, teachers. I’ve felt like we’ve learned nothing from the atrocities of our recorded history and continue to repeat the same mistakes continually, even making them greater mistakes with our technology these days.

I haven’t known how to deal with this, but His Holiness had an answer. When Ann Curry asked him about the same thing, he explained that he felt human kind was not getting worse, but actually improving. He saw the good in the midst of everything bad that happens in this world. He said that 100 yrs ago, when a natural disaster happened, no one from neighboring countries gave a hand in relief. Now, countries flock to the scene to bring aid from great distances.

Being less enlightened than His Holiness, I still see far more damage than good done all over the world. But the lesson he brings me, is to FIND the good and focus on it. To nurture it, so it will grow. To not give up on it. All this time my focus has been on just how awful stuff is and it has been leaving me with a feeling of helplessness, which has been depressing, not to mention anti-productive…like banging my head against a brick wall constantly interjecting about how much it hurts, but doing it anyway. Now I must change my thinking to align with His Holiness. Focus on the positive, see the good and I will have more compassion for my fellow man, as well as find more peace inside myself. I see this now. It’s like acknowledging negative forces actually makes them stronger, so it’s better to try and focus on the positive and build strength there. In this way, I can be more helpful, not to mention more content inside.

As someone that studies the teachings of Buddhism regularly, it’s not like I haven’t come across this theory before. But reading it and doing it are indeed different beasts. The Dalai Lama leads by example. Despite knowing better, my bad habits and emotions had led the way. I needed a beacon to show me where to go. I’m sure I will veer off course many times in this way in the future, but as long as I can continue to notice it and correct it, I will still move forward on my path.

Thank you your Holiness 🙂

Author: Amanda

Amanda Turner has worked in fitness for over 20yrs, specialising in Personal Training, Competitive Fitness Training, Dance, Acrobatics, Arthirtis Mobility, Pilates, Yoga, Martial Arts and Tai Chi. She used to work full time in entertainment and fitness, but now has a design company and continues her love of fitness part time.

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